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Luneta Advertising invites your brand to take the leap and expand your marketing efforts both online and offline! This collaboration of the old and the new presents an opportunity to go further and put any brand marketing to its maximum potential.


Luneta Advertising is an advocate of merging digital platforms with OOH. Starting with the breakthrough campaign, LAI x ZALORA collaboration, it saw a one-of-a-kind execution where OOH became a pivotal part of an online promo. With designated codes seen in their OOH creatives, shoppers can avail of a Luneta Advertising exclusive discount whenever they use the codes during checkout. This simple and yet clever campaign resulted in an extended partnership with Zalora plus new Luneta Advertising online creatives exclusively made for the brand.



This success expanded to other clients such as Resorts World Manila, Banana Agency, Smart, and TapGO.

With creatives billeted at different Luneta Advertising sites, these brands also enjoyed FREE exposure to Luneta Advertising digital platforms: social media, email marketing, and YouTube.

Banking on the contenders’ popularity, Luneta Advertising helped TapGO promote the Pacquiao vs. Ugas match by holding an online contest where winners will get to receive free access to the TapGO app to watch the match. A digital OOH unveiling was then posted online for SMART’s UNLI GIGA promo and a video with a direct-to-site link featuring Delishvery was provided for Resorts World Manila.

The online content received successful results with the highest engagement of 5,000 unique users and a total of 100k impressions. This adds to the even larger view count their out-of-home counterparts amassed.



With Luneta Advertising working on both OOH and digital at the same time (and at the price of one!), two key marketing goals are reached: exposure and engagement. With OOH’s bigness, it remains to be an unavoidable and impressionable asset on the road where hundreds of thousands (if not millions of people), get to view it daily. Social media on the other hand help continue the narrative for the audience who has the highest chance of engagement and eventually, purchase.

From key material (OOH) on the streets, Luneta Advertising can devise a social media campaign to officially launch any billboard creative. Using our online channels, we can further expand to promos, videos, and email blasts depending on the brand’s requirement and project feasibility. That being said, you are always assured that once your brand is on a Luneta Advertising site, your brand will also be on our social media platforms.

What this merging creates is a holistic, consistent, and dynamic brand campaign that follows the customers from the big, upward view to the small, downward view.

Interested? Call us or email us at and let’s talk more!

Any current campaigns you want to expand? Let’s get it done!


In today’s world, social media is the go-to platform for people to entertain themselves and pass the time. With the abundance of sites and apps, digital has also then paved the way for ordinary people to become artists and performers that thrive and truly make their dreams come true.

What completes this artists’ dream is the conscious effort to still dream bigger.

From the small screens of mobile phones, Banana Agency just recently launched their first-ever billboard at one of Luneta Advertising’s premium sites. Billeted at the busy crossroad of EDSA-Kalayaan, these talents are now living the superstar life side-by-side with local and international celebrities.

This feat, celebrated by those in and out of the digital hemisphere, proves that having a billboard is still a milestone many brands and talents want to achieve. Its bigness and prestige is incomparable among other mediums.

This showcase of Banana Agency, a firm heavily reliant on digital platforms, also supports Luneta Advertising’s #DigitalOOHMerging where online brands can swiftly and confidently perform even if outside their chosen medium. With the success of Zalora Philippines and now with Banana Agency, digital and traditional out-of-home can only go so much further.



Any campaign ideas? Let’s get it done!

LAI X ZALORA: A Stylish Collaboration

Expand your marketing strategy with the merging of OOH and digital for maximum exposure and abundant leads.

Reach your audience in both worlds and explore the creative possibilities when digital and OOH combine. From QR codes, word codes, multi-channel storytelling, eye-catching executions, audience/location targeting, and community advertising, think outside the four corners of a billboard site and a mobile phone—as you can now do it in both.


[in photo: ZALORA billboard ads at LAI’s Villamor and Merville sites]

Connect with your audience anywhere they go. Set the story when they pass by your billboard and simultaneously appear on their mobile phones; locate them through data and make sure they arrive through directional ads. Use social media and make it bigger by putting it on a 40×60. Truly, this partnership leads to a road where ideas are endless!

With Luneta Advertising, you can confidently pursue these creative OOH dreams into reality.

Known for its collaborative solutions, Luneta Ads has already partnered with many different brands to create one-of-a-kind out-of-home solutions that answer specific marketing needs, goals, and creativity. From lenticular billboards, multiple-site campaigns, Mega Wall billboards, LED signage, and 3D protrusion, you can explore it here. With locations spread throughout the north, the south, and the metro, the combination of assets make for a successful campaign.


[in photo: Other Luneta Advertising efforts with different brands like Resorts World Manila and Toyota Motors]

In Luneta Advertising, we believe that context is key. So, whether your billboard is a 40 x 60 or a 20 x 40, we can come up with an OOH strategy and design for you.

Any campaign ideas? Let’s get it done!



In Luneta Advertising, we seek to know and learn from these unprecedented times. So we asked the people who know marketing best and see if there truly is some hope after all.

OOH, while having its downtime during quarantine, remains to be the perfect avenue to increase brand awareness. With the saturation of online platforms and now with the easing of restrictions, the combination attests to the willingness of people to go outside again for no matter what purpose (some leisure activities are now available). Traffic and road congestion pre-covid is making a comeback and advertisers want to take advantage of this surge. It’s a scenario where no one can avoid seeing the brand displayed on site.

[newly launched billboard ads at LAI sites prove that confidence in OOH is back and that it is ever still relevant;
these brands found hope amidst all the economic and marketing challenges.]

The consensus also believes that lifting quarantine restrictions positioned OOH as the proper venue where brands can be “freshly” re-discovered—and bigger, too, compared to the small screens of laptops or mobile phones.

A good ad plus a great location also remains to be the appeal. With the spike of shoppers preparing for Christmas, the right creative at the right location can do wonders for any brand. It offers significant information to the public that a service or a product is already available and the system is geared up and ready to roll again. The bigness of OOH too—the budget invested, the layout and creatives conceptualized, the time spent on planning the entire campaign—boosts the marketing and advertising industries’ confidence and signals that things are finally looking up.


[newest creatives are sparking joy especially during this Christmas season]

Filling up billboard spaces also signifies an increased ability not only to shop or to purchase but to see a life post-pandemic—a hopeful and colorful world where we’d all want to live and come back to. A brand action or a brand message, both sincere and highly visible, can catapult the disposition of entire industries so they may work harder, work better, and work for the good.

Brands who are also consistently seen by the masses (and in a collective, upward-view experience) impose a positive image that indeed, they are back in business—and the bigness and prestige of having a billboard ad still leaves a mighty impression to the audience.

With the emptiness and the distance prevalent during the pandemic, a colorful sight to see may just be the bright spot everyone needs. After being cooped up, how wonderful would it be if your brand is one of the first to welcome the people back outside? Filling the emptiness that surrounds the cityscape is also a feeling of hope for the workforce that make the success story of each and every brand; for seeing their company’s message up there on a 40 x 60 tarp—recent and most confident—means a return to their livelihood and an opportunity to start again after a huge setback.

COVID-19 has tested us in many, many ways. But the ultimate challenge is how we’ll be able to rise again. It is a task so possible to achieve if only one can believe in themselves and in the power of their message.

Are you ready to fill the world and feel the hope? Contact Luneta Advertising for your next big ad!

With its one-of-a-kind execution, Luneta Advertising at the Green Valley Country Club is in no doubt the go-to site of
brands looking for that simple yet impactful OOH display that caters to a specific target market and billeted in a
traffic-heavy location. Unique not only for its horizontal lenticular billboard, the Green Valley site also features a top
40ft. x 60ft. billboard to help brands further expound their branding and campaign messaging—essentially making
Luneta Ads at Green Valley the perfect duo billboard canvas for any brand to implement their creative visions with more ways than one.

Historically conceived for then Ayala Museum’s Rizal VR advertisement, the lenticular billboard became a sought-after
feature for different companies like Food Panda. Today, the site houses Toyota Philippines’ Innova and Vios ads,
both of which are hero car products of the renowned Japanese manufacturer.

The ad took advantage of both billboard structures to get two messages across—one for Innova at the top billboard,
targeting the upper market families and showcases the vehicle’s size and modesty, and then second one for their
flagship car, Vios, via the lenticular execution that emphasizes on design and speed, attracting the younger and
trendier crowd passing through C5.

The daily viewership of 1.4M also ensures that the ads will reach maximum awareness with potential
digital integration via shareable, user-generated content—a probable product of unique creatives like
lenticular displays that can encourage word-of-mouth marketing and organic and viral social media traffic.

Luneta Advertising at the Green Valley Country Club is just one of the many LAI sites your
brand can use to implement extraordinary executions and displays. From lenticular ads to LED lights,
3D images, and text protrusions, OOH with Luneta Advertising can truly change your game.

Let’s talk about iconic sites and impactful creatives! Contact us now!


As they say, new year means new opportunities—and that was exactly what transpired at the beginning of 2020 with
Luneta Advertising and McDonald’s Philippines entering a milestone partnership by allotting not one,
but two of Luneta Advertising’s iconic sites for the fast-food chain’s campaign.

Heralded as one of the biggest and brightest on EDSA, the Mega Wall Billboard at NAPOLCOM becomes the
newest home for the crispy, golden, goodness Chicken McDo ad that features Mcdo’s world-famous fries and their
fried chicken and rice. Who could say no to this delectable offering after a hard day’s work? Strategically placed where
workers and commuters frequent, the ad becomes the perfect attraction for anyone to drop by the nearest Mcdonald’s
to purchase their very own (and very affordable) meal. Even at night, the site’s LED Projection Lights provide
sufficient illumination for the billboard that even the smallest of details (look at that chicken skin and random crumbs!)
and information (delivery site) can be seen and read easily.

The same can be said for this other iconic Luneta Advertising site at EDSA cor. Kalayaan Ave. where anyone from
EDSA, BGC, or Makati can take a glimpse of the billboard and just practically be at a McDonald’s building in minutes,
what with the chain’s abundance in these areas.

This duo ad placements provided by Luneta Advertising support the brand’s mission to increase reach and
awareness for its products at the most convenient and strategic of places. With both ads facing the
south-bound roads, it targets the same audience twice to further product attraction and recall—with almost
sure completion of the purchase narrative since the chain is so present and so accessible in the southern metro.

The use of two billboards for a single ad may seem redundant for some but it’s truly just one of the simplest
strategies one can do in order to get the message in. Whether you’re up for site volume or creative executions,
Luneta Advertising is always ready to provide and support your OOH needs.

Have a campaign in mind? Let’s talk!



Boasting a 188’ (H) x 100’ (W) specs, Luneta Advertising’s premiere site set its eyes on the next brand ready to take on the next BIG step! Erected at the NAPOLCOM building in EDSA (cor. Quezon Avenue), LAI’s Mega Wall Billboard prides itself not only for its location and size but for its innovative lighting system that generously provides illumination fitting a literal gargantuan advertisement. With the LED Projection Lights, any ad shines the brightest on the entire stretch of the highway.

Definitely impressive and impactful, the Mega Wall Billboard has already housed iconic brands such as Red Horse Beer and San Mig Light for the past year, gracing the city view with certain grandness, vibrancy, and entertainment.

So in January 2020, a new opportunity arises for goal-focused and creative-driven brands to expand their reach and for all the city-folk to view. Because if you want to be the biggest brand, you have to be in the largest and the brightest place to be—the Mega Wall Billboard.

May it be funky, wordy, or pure elegance, your ad can definitely catch the eye while in LAI’s larger-than-life canvas and bring about results that can then take your brand to the next level. Its bigness not only delivers the exposure but the thrill only a creative and a marketing person can understand. Imagine launch dates, billboard unveiling, social media teaser, traffic, and response, picturesque city view, and then your brand in possibly its largest format to date.

What’s more, the bigness itself begets the expansion of any brand’s marketing strategy and allows a 360° campaign to further reach an audience in and out of the radius of the site.

In this world of “viral views” and “instagrammable” sites and location, you’d want your brand to be the first to catch the eye of this very mobile generation.

What a way to welcome the new year, isn’t it? Make your brand the next big thing this 2020!

Give Luneta Advertising a call and inquire now!


Manila, Philippines—As we close the Q2 of the 2019, there have already been some remarkable
and noteworthy executions delivered by OOH. As then foreseen last year by media experts,
despite the still growing digital ads, OOH is in no means, left behind.


Undeniably, the reach of OOH ranks top amongst other channels with a whopping 97%
followed by TV with 94%, Radio at 88%, and digital with 69%. This reach attest not only
to the inescapable nature of OOH—a truth that remains for everyone does go out of their
homes—but of how an OOH campaign adheres to frequency (the number of times an ad is seen)
and scale (an ad large/attractive enough not to miss). With the population of Metro Manila
following a daily routine of going to and from work, it’s almost a guarantee that a billboard
in EDSA is most likely to be seen five times a week by the same commuter. While the frequency
and recall is notable, this same ad must also be present in other locations (malls, waiting areas,
bus/train stations, etc.) so it could target everybody and maximize its potential reach.

The continuous growth of OOH alongside Digital is another expansion large businesses
are taking advantage of. With this new possibility of going both offline and online for the same
campaign births to new creative ideas that complete the consumer journey in a larger and yet
far more personal approach.


With digital companies like Spotify and Netflix investing
in out-of-home media, it creates a whole new dimension for creatives to penetrate the audience.
With these mobile apps’ essentially downward-view nature, its presence in OOH promotes the
upward—and shared—ad experience once again; that while OOH is the traditional medium,
when viewers veer away from the small screens of their tablets and phones to look at a
billboard ad, OOH becomes the new attraction altogether.

Then with the innovations of OOH—from LED Video Boards, Experiential Booths, Programmatic Ads,
and many others that capture consumer awareness and offer product trial/sampling—it merges
seamlessly with the digital applications that finish the narrative where consumers can further
engage via inquiry and importantly, purchase.


Evidently even in the context of the Philippines, OOH remains to be one of the go-to advertising
mediums. With 2.9B in the food and restaurant category alone and with a 10% increase
in overall revenues from Jan-Oct 2018, out-of-home is not going anywhere soon—and 2019 seem
all the more optimistic. Q1 alone found opportunities in the creative department (AYALA-LUNETA Lenticular Billboard AVP) while expansion and reach just opened up in the south via CAVITEX and with a few
more highways to be accessed soon.

Luneta Advertising is always one in ensuring the credibility, service, and effectivity of OOH.
With these promising data, clients can only expect our team to be even more hard working in
reaching a fruitful and lasting partnership.

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Manila, Philippines—The ongoing construction of highways and other infrastructures in the
country promises swift interconnectedness of towns and cities by providing more viable routes
for travel. This development not only opens doors for traffic-less journeys and commute, but it
also highlights the progressing state of these places and the possible influx of opportunities for
its locals, whether going to-and-fro their home base. And such too for the adventurous many
who seek the unknown to discover new stories and landscapes.


With these breakthrough roads in mind serving as a fresh canvas, Cavite Expressway, or
CAVITEx, introduces a roster of out-of-home media placements strategically billeted all over the
expanse of the expressway, stretching from the boundaries of Pasay and Paranaque to the
gates of Kawit, Cavite. Featuring lampposts banners, toll plaza banners, toll booth wraps,
overbridge ads, boom ads, fence ads, and traditional billboards, CAVITEx not only becomes
the gateway to the south but now a backbone too for any brand’s OOH communication.

This OOH line-up provides avenues for clients to reach new audiences in places never been
explored and with executions they also probably never tried. With over 4 million vehicles
traversing the expressway each month—with mostly private cars (roughly 131,596 per
day)—brands can easily communicate their messaging without any unnecessary intrusions and
instead co-exist with the audience’s daily grind and commute.

The expressway stretches 14 kilometers, providing more than enough space for any inspired
and creative brand execution. Whether small or large, these roads are a blank slate ready to be
filled in order to catch the eye. And with the ever-expanding vision to connect the Southern
Luzon regions to Metro Manila, we can only expect more and more spaces available in the
south (via CALAEx, CTBEX, and C5 South Link)—and more and more commuters and locals to reach.

Interested? Give Luneta Advertising a call and inquire now!


Manila, Philippines—In this age where phones have increasingly become
an imperative part of every person’s life where access to entertainment,
information, and commerce is enclosed in the four corners of an LCD screen,
one has to wonder how can traditional media can keep up?

Like many others in the ad industry, OOH was heavily affected by the sudden
burst of digital ads and many even thought of its inevitable demise. But true
to its structure, strength, and stance, OOH remains to be unyielding despite
these so-called new “threats”. Importantly though, even the big names in
social media and digital streaming apps seem to think the same.


Mobile phones are quite literally the extension of someone’s life—from
contacts, interactions, to movies, series, and business, one doesn’t need to
go too far or too big to have it all and for years now, they have taken the bulk
of the most precious of times, whether for personal or for work-related
consumption. It is not surprising then
that advertisers turned towards the direction of digital to implement their creatives.
Simply, they need to be where the viewers are. But as digital becomes an inescapable
and normalized platform, its high time may now also be coming to an end.

With apps used on a one-on-one, literal down-view hardware, the notion of something
so traditional like OOH now becomes (ironically) foreign, new, and exciting despite its
quotidian circumstance. Whether experienced at passing (i.e. rounding shopping malls,
having long-mile road trips) or as a habit (i.e. the everyday commute, the city landscape),
going out and seeing OOH is still a way of life. It is there daily, its grandness and scale
looming over every person’s head—and they only need to look up to get so caught by it.

That in mind, this grandness and bigness of OOH, and then into the context of an app that
is so powerful, so personalized it is a data-collecting machinery, somewhere in that narrative
inevitably comes the need to make this seemingly individualistic and isolated entertainment
method resonate as a large, collective, relatable, and shared (branded) experience—considering
as well that advertisements, in the digital world of exit icons, close buttons, forced exits, and
curated content, is still a hard one to really digest.


Spotify’s Thank you, 2016. It’s Been Weird campaign is perhaps one of the most
well-known OOH campaigns produced by an-all digital platform. Using their own
brand of wit combined with the app’s consumer data, Spotify was able to bring out
the laughs using OOH in its simplest and truest form—printed visual and copy.
But why OOH as their major outlet? Spotify CMO Seth Farbman only has this to say,
(OOH) has the ability to really drive clever copy home that other media can’t always do as well.”

At this point in the digital ads and apps journey where evidently consumer data is
one of its main strengths, it is no longer surprising to see brands like Spotify, Netflix,
and Facebook then reach out to OOH for their advertisements in order to expose their
content and tools on a literally larger scale and in a setting still very much relevant to
their audience. Like how mobile devices are undeniably handy, people too, are still
undeniably outside. And when once brands just focus their campaigns solely on OOH or
TV or digital, today, the merging of two or more (if not all platforms applicable) is simply
the most practical way to go.

Progress and change is something that is not entirely terrible and terrifying. With a clear
and sensible perspective, advertising has just gotten really bigger, better, and definitely, real-time.




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