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LAI X ZALORA: A Stylish Collaboration

Expand your marketing strategy with the merging of OOH and digital for maximum exposure and abundant leads.

Reach your audience in both worlds and explore the creative possibilities when digital and OOH combine. From QR codes, word codes, multi-channel storytelling, eye-catching executions, audience/location targeting, and community advertising, think outside the four corners of a billboard site and a mobile phone—as you can now do it in both.


[in photo: ZALORA billboard ads at LAI’s Villamor and Merville sites]

Connect with your audience anywhere they go. Set the story when they pass by your billboard and simultaneously appear on their mobile phones; locate them through data and make sure they arrive through directional ads. Use social media and make it bigger by putting it on a 40×60. Truly, this partnership leads to a road where ideas are endless!

With Luneta Advertising, you can confidently pursue these creative OOH dreams into reality.

Known for its collaborative solutions, Luneta Ads has already partnered with many different brands to create one-of-a-kind out-of-home solutions that answer specific marketing needs, goals, and creativity. From lenticular billboards, multiple-site campaigns, Mega Wall billboards, LED signage, and 3D protrusion, you can explore it here. With locations spread throughout the north, the south, and the metro, the combination of assets make for a successful campaign.


[in photo: Other Luneta Advertising efforts with different brands like Resorts World Manila and Toyota Motors]

In Luneta Advertising, we believe that context is key. So, whether your billboard is a 40 x 60 or a 20 x 40, we can come up with an OOH strategy and design for you.

Any campaign ideas? Let’s get it done!



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