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Luneta Advertising invites your brand to take the leap and expand your marketing efforts both online and offline! This collaboration of the old and the new presents an opportunity to go further and put any brand marketing to its maximum potential.


Luneta Advertising is an advocate of merging digital platforms with OOH. Starting with the breakthrough campaign, LAI x ZALORA collaboration, it saw a one-of-a-kind execution where OOH became a pivotal part of an online promo. With designated codes seen in their OOH creatives, shoppers can avail of a Luneta Advertising exclusive discount whenever they use the codes during checkout. This simple and yet clever campaign resulted in an extended partnership with Zalora plus new Luneta Advertising online creatives exclusively made for the brand.



This success expanded to other clients such as Resorts World Manila, Banana Agency, Smart, and TapGO.

With creatives billeted at different Luneta Advertising sites, these brands also enjoyed FREE exposure to Luneta Advertising digital platforms: social media, email marketing, and YouTube.

Banking on the contenders’ popularity, Luneta Advertising helped TapGO promote the Pacquiao vs. Ugas match by holding an online contest where winners will get to receive free access to the TapGO app to watch the match. A digital OOH unveiling was then posted online for SMART’s UNLI GIGA promo and a video with a direct-to-site link featuring Delishvery was provided for Resorts World Manila.

The online content received successful results with the highest engagement of 5,000 unique users and a total of 100k impressions. This adds to the even larger view count their out-of-home counterparts amassed.



With Luneta Advertising working on both OOH and digital at the same time (and at the price of one!), two key marketing goals are reached: exposure and engagement. With OOH’s bigness, it remains to be an unavoidable and impressionable asset on the road where hundreds of thousands (if not millions of people), get to view it daily. Social media on the other hand help continue the narrative for the audience who has the highest chance of engagement and eventually, purchase.

From key material (OOH) on the streets, Luneta Advertising can devise a social media campaign to officially launch any billboard creative. Using our online channels, we can further expand to promos, videos, and email blasts depending on the brand’s requirement and project feasibility. That being said, you are always assured that once your brand is on a Luneta Advertising site, your brand will also be on our social media platforms.

What this merging creates is a holistic, consistent, and dynamic brand campaign that follows the customers from the big, upward view to the small, downward view.

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