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Made of images printed on durable vinyl material (tarpaulin or sticker) by large format printer. The images are computer generated so they can show an exact copy of the product and/or endorser on a grand and impressive scale. This makes any campaign image interesting and eye-catching especially when coupled with a powerful slogan that can all the more help bring high impact to the ad.


Unyielding structures that vary from single unipole designs to the standard angle bars, Luneta Advertising fabricates billboards that tower and decorate the cityscape. Its biggest venture to date is a wall billboard frame installed at the Napolcom Building.


This latest offering in Outdoor Advertising brings the innovation of a computer monitor performance. These units are composed of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) that are capable of either full motion videos or static motion video rendering. It is flexible and quickly editable. A single LED board can display a variety of ads and commercials at a loop.

The Triple LED Boards are located at the main entrance gates of Ayala Alabang Village along the busy Commerce Avenue, namely the Acacia Gate, the Madrigal Gate and the Mindanao Gate.


Luneta Advertising’s solution to the long-standing OOH dilemma of poor lighting, the LED Projection Lights is a combination of 1,000 and 1,200 LED watts installed and projected from an opposite or adjacent site to the billboard structure. Unlike metal halides that sometimes obscure certain parts of the billboard, the LED Projection Lights can fully illuminate billboards in its entirety.

With its power to light massive areas, these LED Projection Lights have also been used to light spacious places such as a golf course.


As a part of a 360˚ service to clients, Luneta Advertising readily offers Large Format Printing fit to produce and print photographic billboards, stickers, and banners.


To embody the eye-catching, Luneta also offers this cherry-on-top feature that highlights any brand’s facade. Signage fabrication can vary from building signages, LED moving signages, and logo signages.

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