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In Luneta Advertising, we seek to know and learn from these unprecedented times. So we asked the people who know marketing best and see if there truly is some hope after all.

OOH, while having its downtime during quarantine, remains to be the perfect avenue to increase brand awareness. With the saturation of online platforms and now with the easing of restrictions, the combination attests to the willingness of people to go outside again for no matter what purpose (some leisure activities are now available). Traffic and road congestion pre-covid is making a comeback and advertisers want to take advantage of this surge. It’s a scenario where no one can avoid seeing the brand displayed on site.

[newly launched billboard ads at LAI sites prove that confidence in OOH is back and that it is ever still relevant;
these brands found hope amidst all the economic and marketing challenges.]

The consensus also believes that lifting quarantine restrictions positioned OOH as the proper venue where brands can be “freshly” re-discovered—and bigger, too, compared to the small screens of laptops or mobile phones.

A good ad plus a great location also remains to be the appeal. With the spike of shoppers preparing for Christmas, the right creative at the right location can do wonders for any brand. It offers significant information to the public that a service or a product is already available and the system is geared up and ready to roll again. The bigness of OOH too—the budget invested, the layout and creatives conceptualized, the time spent on planning the entire campaign—boosts the marketing and advertising industries’ confidence and signals that things are finally looking up.


[newest creatives are sparking joy especially during this Christmas season]

Filling up billboard spaces also signifies an increased ability not only to shop or to purchase but to see a life post-pandemic—a hopeful and colorful world where we’d all want to live and come back to. A brand action or a brand message, both sincere and highly visible, can catapult the disposition of entire industries so they may work harder, work better, and work for the good.

Brands who are also consistently seen by the masses (and in a collective, upward-view experience) impose a positive image that indeed, they are back in business—and the bigness and prestige of having a billboard ad still leaves a mighty impression to the audience.

With the emptiness and the distance prevalent during the pandemic, a colorful sight to see may just be the bright spot everyone needs. After being cooped up, how wonderful would it be if your brand is one of the first to welcome the people back outside? Filling the emptiness that surrounds the cityscape is also a feeling of hope for the workforce that make the success story of each and every brand; for seeing their company’s message up there on a 40 x 60 tarp—recent and most confident—means a return to their livelihood and an opportunity to start again after a huge setback.

COVID-19 has tested us in many, many ways. But the ultimate challenge is how we’ll be able to rise again. It is a task so possible to achieve if only one can believe in themselves and in the power of their message.

Are you ready to fill the world and feel the hope? Contact Luneta Advertising for your next big ad!

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