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With its one-of-a-kind execution, Luneta Advertising at the Green Valley Country Club is in no doubt the go-to site of
brands looking for that simple yet impactful OOH display that caters to a specific target market and billeted in a
traffic-heavy location. Unique not only for its horizontal lenticular billboard, the Green Valley site also features a top
40ft. x 60ft. billboard to help brands further expound their branding and campaign messaging—essentially making
Luneta Ads at Green Valley the perfect duo billboard canvas for any brand to implement their creative visions with more ways than one.

Historically conceived for then Ayala Museum’s Rizal VR advertisement, the lenticular billboard became a sought-after
feature for different companies like Food Panda. Today, the site houses Toyota Philippines’ Innova and Vios ads,
both of which are hero car products of the renowned Japanese manufacturer.

The ad took advantage of both billboard structures to get two messages across—one for Innova at the top billboard,
targeting the upper market families and showcases the vehicle’s size and modesty, and then second one for their
flagship car, Vios, via the lenticular execution that emphasizes on design and speed, attracting the younger and
trendier crowd passing through C5.

The daily viewership of 1.4M also ensures that the ads will reach maximum awareness with potential
digital integration via shareable, user-generated content—a probable product of unique creatives like
lenticular displays that can encourage word-of-mouth marketing and organic and viral social media traffic.

Luneta Advertising at the Green Valley Country Club is just one of the many LAI sites your
brand can use to implement extraordinary executions and displays. From lenticular ads to LED lights,
3D images, and text protrusions, OOH with Luneta Advertising can truly change your game.

Let’s talk about iconic sites and impactful creatives! Contact us now!

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