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Manila, Philippines—The ongoing construction of highways and other infrastructures in the
country promises swift interconnectedness of towns and cities by providing more viable routes
for travel. This development not only opens doors for traffic-less journeys and commute, but it
also highlights the progressing state of these places and the possible influx of opportunities for
its locals, whether going to-and-fro their home base. And such too for the adventurous many
who seek the unknown to discover new stories and landscapes.


With these breakthrough roads in mind serving as a fresh canvas, Cavite Expressway, or
CAVITEx, introduces a roster of out-of-home media placements strategically billeted all over the
expanse of the expressway, stretching from the boundaries of Pasay and Paranaque to the
gates of Kawit, Cavite. Featuring lampposts banners, toll plaza banners, toll booth wraps,
overbridge ads, boom ads, fence ads, and traditional billboards, CAVITEx not only becomes
the gateway to the south but now a backbone too for any brand’s OOH communication.

This OOH line-up provides avenues for clients to reach new audiences in places never been
explored and with executions they also probably never tried. With over 4 million vehicles
traversing the expressway each month—with mostly private cars (roughly 131,596 per
day)—brands can easily communicate their messaging without any unnecessary intrusions and
instead co-exist with the audience’s daily grind and commute.

The expressway stretches 14 kilometers, providing more than enough space for any inspired
and creative brand execution. Whether small or large, these roads are a blank slate ready to be
filled in order to catch the eye. And with the ever-expanding vision to connect the Southern
Luzon regions to Metro Manila, we can only expect more and more spaces available in the
south (via CALAEx, CTBEX, and C5 South Link)—and more and more commuters and locals to reach.

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