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Manila, Philippines—OOH media executions remain to be a big staple in the local advertising industry. In EDSA alone, billboards line up along the iconic highway and generate a colorful and entertaining sight especially while in traffic. So undeniably, clients and OOH firms alike scour constantly for the best locations to place their ads and create the most eye-catching designs.

Renting and fabricating these billboards though is an investment one needs to deliberately and carefully think about. Not only for the budget needed for such a project, but also in ensuring that every brand can make the most out of the high reach and views a billboard can deliver.

So, what can truly make your ad standout?


It all begins here. May it be due to the foot traffic, the reach, or the proximity to the product you are selling, choosing the rightful site for your billboard ad is crucial. So perhaps you’ve made the most outrageous and the most creative ad but it is located somewhere irrelevant to your brand and to your goals, what then is the point? So: Location. Location. Location.


Now that you’ve chosen the perfect site, it’s time to get down to the creative thinking. While possibly your brand is pretty standard in terms of execution, having a billboard site to design might give the opportunity for you to create something fresh and new. First impression is imperative to a billboard ad as most people only have a few seconds to digest your message.

Make your ads visually appealing and make your copy simple, short, and concise. You can also explore with ideas that resonate heavily to your location and make it especially endearing to the everyday people that see your site.

Humor is also another route you can go to as this not only brightens your audience’s day, but it can be quite memorable too.


A strong worded copy with a strong call to action speaks plentiful about your brand. This not only gets your brand messaging straight on, but it also entices the audience to take the next step in their purchasing journey: search for your product. While the billboard catches their attention, you must ensure that this also allows them to have enough motivation to do what you want them to do next. So, your restaurant is located in the next highway stop? TURN RIGHT ON THE NEXT EXIT. You have a 24/7 customer service? 0915-CALL-US-ANYTIME! You have a summer mall sale? RED HOT DEALS IN 2km!

Simply, get your audience to where you want them.


While a good, honest copy can be striking, an attractive and bold design can simply be breathtaking. This can range from your brand using special materials such as neon colors, glow-in-the-dark paint, 3D fabrication, or installing digital and LED screens, once you’ve captured the audience with your visuals, it might be hard for them to take their eyes away. It wouldn’t then hurt to search for the latest trends in design, the freshest faces to use as brand ambassadors, the significance of symbols, icons, and even current events to make a long-standing statement, and then maybe, a billboard design that captures something even deeper, something emotional in order to get your message across for importantly, creative and clever executions can improve your brand awareness and recall.

There are other endless ways to explore OOH and bask in its benefits. But if you are new to this, these four points will surely give you a good start—that and of course choosing an out-of-home media partner who is ready to take on this creative journey with you and allow your brand to reach its maximum potential.

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